DOUBLE-ARROW DA-V series gensets are powered by VOLVO PENTA diesel engine which is original from Sweden and with power range from 85KVA to 750KVA.


The Volvo Group is a world leader in diesel engine technology.The engines are used in trucks,buses,construction equipment,ships,boats and all types of industrial applications.Volvo Penta is the Group’s supplier of engines and acts as an independent supplier to the genset manufacturers.


The Volvo brand is strong and well accepted and the comprehensive product range is designed and adapted to meet all kinds of customer needs,all over the world. 


As a part of the Volvo Group - world-leading developer and manufacturer of heavy-duty diesel engines - Volvo Penta has the financial,technical and geographical resources needed to provide competitive engines and customer support – worldwide.





  • Powered by world-famous Volvo Penta engine and reliable alternator,featured with reliable power,low fuel consumption,easy maintenance and operation,excellent service with global warranty.

  • Anti-vibration device,effectively reduce vibration and prevent distortion or harmonics output of the generator sets.

  • Equipped with circuit breaker when engine stops in emergency for avoiding possible electric shock risk when re-start.

  • Deepsea DSE7320 controller with AMF function,automatical control and protection.

  • Connected with the mains through ATS,which can automatically transfer between mains and genset.Meanwhile,multiple gensets can be paralleled for bigger power needs.

  • Fixed with base fuel tank for 8 hours running.

  • The lifting eyes located on bottom of genset,make the genset easier to move by forklift or crane.

Circuit breaker.JPG

Circuit breaker

Oil drain pump.JPG

Oil drain pump

Protective cover.JPG

Protective cover

Base fuel tank.JPG

Base fuel tank

Control panel.JPG

Control panel







Battery charger

Electric engine heater (4KW).JPG

Electric engine heater (4KW)


Fuel level sensor

Electric engine heater (2.2KW).JPG

Electric engine heater (2.2KW)


Fuel-water separator

ModelPrime   PowerStandby   PowerDiesel   EngineDimension(mm)Datasheet
kVAkWkVAkWBrandModelOpen   type
DA-V8585689475VOLVO   PENTATAD530GE1850*900*1550Download   PDF
DA-V1001008010987TAD531GE2150*900*1550Download   PDF
DA-V130130104142114TAD532GE2150*900*1550Download   PDF
DA-V150150120165132TAD731GE2400*950*1650Download   PDF
DA-V188188150206165TAD732GE2550*950*1670Download   PDF
DA-V200200160220176TAD733GE2550*950*1670Download   PDF
DA-V250250200275220TAD734GE2580*950*1670Download   PDF
DA-V315315252346277TAD1341GE3100*1150*1800Download   PDF
DA-V350350280385308TAD1342GE3100*1150*1800Download   PDF
DA-V380380304415332TAD1343GE3100*1150*1800Download   PDF
DA-V410410328450360TAD1344GE3100*1150*1800Download   PDF
DA-V450450360500400TAD1345GE3100*1150*1800Download   PDF
DA-V500500400550440TAD1641GE3400*1250*2000Download   PDF
DA-V570570456660528TAD1642GE3400*1250*2000Download   PDF
DA-V631631505700560TWD1643GE3400*1400*2100Download   PDF

ModelPrime   PowerStandby   PowerDiesel   EngineDimension(mm)Datasheet
kVAkWkVAkWBrandModelOpen   type
DA-V255-60255204280224VOLVO   PENTATAD734GE2580*950*1670Download   PDF
DA-V340-60340272375300TAD1341GE3100*1150*1800Download   PDF
DA-V400-60400320440352TAD1342GE3100*1150*1800Download   PDF
DA-V455-60455364500400TAD1344GE3100*1150*1800Download   PDF
DA-V570-60570456642514TAD1641GE3400*1250*2000Download   PDF
DA-V625-60625500688550TAD1642GE3400*1250*2000Download   PDF
DA-V688-60688550750600TWD1643GE3400*1400*2100Download   PDF

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