DOUBLE-ARROW DA-DO series gensets are powered by DOOSAN diesel engine which is original from Korea and with power range from 150KVA to 927KVA.


DOOSAN started producing diesel engines for the first time in 1958. DOOSAN production facility is located in Incheon, Korea and DOOSAN went into full production under the license of MAN technology in 1975, and ISUZU technology in 1979. Furthermore, DOOSAN began to produce the CNG engine in 1998, so our reinforced line up from Diesel engine to Natural Gas engine could supply more choices and meet the various needs of our customers.


DOOSAN acquired Daewoo Machine in 2005 to strengthen the ability of designing and producing the engine.





  • Powered by original Doosan engine and reliable alternator,featured with strong power,quick start,easy maintenance and operation,excellent service with global warranty.

  • The canopy is made of 2mm cold rolled steel plate and high quality painted,the paint is highly endurable against erosion and scratch,strongly,rustproof.

  • Adopt stainless steel door hinge and high quality door lock.

  • Enlarge the area of air intake and discharge, and give up traditional bottom air intake design,which can avoid dusts and other impurities being,inhalated into the inside of canopy.

  • Anti-vibration device,effectively reduce vibration and prevent distortion or harmonics output of the generator sets.



Anti-vibration device.JPG

Anti-vibration device



Power outlet.JPG

Power outlet

Quality lock改为Stainless steel lock.jpg

Stainless steel lock

Rainproof cap.JPG

Rainproof cap


  • Design,production and test of genset is compliance with CE safety standard

  • Equipped with circuit breaker when engine stops in emergency for avoiding possible electric shock risk when re-start.

  • Equipped with emergency stop button,can stop the genset immediately when emergent problem happens.

  • The controller has a historical operation recording for troubleshooting and inspection.

Circuit breaker.JPG

Circuit breaker

Control panel.JPG

Control panel

Emergency stop.JPG

Emergency stop

Easy to operate

  • Deepsea DSE7320 controller with AMF function,automatical control and protection.

  • Connected with the mains through ATS,which can automatically transfer between mains and genset.Meanwhile,multiple gensets can be paralleled for bigger power needs.

  • The soundproof genset includes base fuel tank for 8 hours running.

  • Fuel inlet,fuel drain outlet and design a coolant filling hole on the top of soundproof canopy for filling coolant conveniently.

  • The forklift holes and lifting eyes located on bottom of canopy,make the genset easier to move by forklift or crane.

  • The daily maintenance work can be performed on both sides of the genset,and the wide doors allow access to all areas of the genset.

ATS改为ATS communication port.JPG

ATS communication port

Control panel-200.JPG

Control panel

Forklift hole.JPG

Forklift hole

Coolant filling hole.JPG

Coolant filling hole

Fuel drain outlet.JPG

Fuel drain outlet

Fuel inlet.JPG

Fuel inlet

Lifting eye.JPG

Lifting eye

Maintenance door.JPG

Maintenance door

Environmentally friendly

The noise level can be reduced by 15-35 dB(A) through noise control design,which ensure quiet operations,so having no effect on daily activities.This feature makes our diesel generators ideal for use at night in residential areas,offices and other environments which are to noise.                  





Battery charger.JPG

Battery charger

Electric engine heater (4KW).JPG

Electric engine heater (4KW)

Fuel level sensor.JPG

Fuel level sensor

Electric engine heater (2.2KW).JPG

Electric engine heater (2.2KW)

Fuel-water separator.JPG

Fuel-water separator

ModelPrime   PowerStandby   PowerDiesel   EngineDimension(mm)Datasheet
kVAkWkVAkWBrandModelSilent   type
DA-DO150S150120165132DOOSANDP086TA 3450*1130*2130Download   PDF
DA-DO175S175140193154P086TI-1 3450*1130*2130Download   PDF
DA-DO200S200160220176P086TI 3450*1130*2130Download   PDF
DA-DO225S225180250200DP086LA3450*1130*2130Download   PDF
DA-DO275S275220300240P126TI 3800*1500*2100Download   PDF
DA-DO300S300240330264P126TI-II3800*1500*2100Download   PDF
DA-DO375LS375300413330DP126LB3800*1500*2100Download   PDF
DA-DO375S375300413330P158LE-13950*1600*2230Download   PDF
DA-DO400S400320440352P158LE 3950*1600*2230Download   PDF
DA-DO450S450360500400DP158LC 3950*1600*2230Download   PDF
DA-DO500S500400550440DP158LD 3950*1600*2230Download   PDF
DA-DO575S575460633506DP180LA 4500*1700*2250Download   PDF
DA-DO625S625500688550DP180LB 4500*1700*2250Download   PDF
DA-DO688S688550760608DP222LB4800*2000*2550Download   PDF
DA-DO750S750600825660DP222LC 5200*2000*2550Download   PDF

ModelPrime   PowerStandby   PowerDiesel   EngineDimension(mm)Datasheet
kVAkWkVAkWBrandModelSilent   type
DA-DO180-60S180144200160DOOSANDP086TA 3450*1130*2130Download   PDF
DA-DO188-60S188150206165P086TI-1 3450*1130*2130Download   PDF
DA-DO227-60S227182250200P086TI 3450*1130*2130Download   PDF
DA-DO250-60S250200275220DP086LA3450*1130*2130Download   PDF
DA-DO313-60S313250344275P126TI 3800*1500*2100Download   PDF
DA-DO344-60S344275378302P126TI-II3800*1500*2100Download   PDF
DA-DO400-60LS400320440352DP126LB3800*1500*2100Download   PDF
DA-DO400-60S400320440352P158LE-13950*1600*2230Download   PDF
DA-DO455-60S455364500400P158LE 3950*1600*2230Download   PDF
DA-DO520-60S520416572458DP158LC 3950*1600*2230Download   PDF
DA-DO568-60S568454625500DP158LD 3950*1600*2230Download   PDF
DA-DO638-60S638510700560DP180LA4500*1700*2250Download   PDF
DA-DO688-60S688550757606DP180LB4500*1700*2250Download   PDF
DA-DO750-60S750600825660DP222LAS4800*2000*2550Download   PDF
DA-DO784-60S784627862690DP222LB4800*2000*2550Download   PDF
DA-DO843-60S843674927742DP222LC 5200*2000*2550Download   PDF

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